Forexlive Americas FX News Report: Go BIG Or Go HOME.

Go Big or Go Home!

That is the motto for today's markets.

Check out some of these raw materials numbers:

  • Spot gold rose $ 75.62, or 4.87%, to $ 1628.85
  • Spot silver rose $ 0.94, or 7.13%, to $ 14.21
  • Bitcoin is trading at 5%
  • WTI crude oil increases by 3.5%

Go big or go home.

Then there are the big profits on the stock exchange:

  • The Dow had the biggest point gain ever. It rose 2112.98 points or 11.36%. The percentage increase was the largest since 1933
  • The S&P rose 209.93 points, or + 9.38%, to 2447.33
  • The Nasdaq was the top index dog. It only increased by 557.18 points or 8.12% to 7417.85.

Go big or go home.

How about some of these BIG individual gains for stocks:

  • United Airline, + 25.65%
  • Chevron, + 23.2%
  • Ford engine, + 23.19%
  • American Express, + 21.95%
  • Delta Air Lines, + 21.14%
  • Boeing, + 20.67%
  • Intuitive, + 19.92%
  • General Motors, + 19.88%
  • Morgan Stanley, + 19.42%
  • McDonald & # 39; s, + 18.48%
  • NVIDIA + 17.52%
  • MasterCard, + 16.4%
  • Tesla, + 16.33%

Go big or go home.

How about Europe? How have their indices developed today?

  • German DAX, + 10.98%
  • Britain's FTSE, + 9.05%
  • Italy's FTSE MIB, + 8.93%
  • France's CAC, + 8.39%

Go big or go home.

Looking at the% low to high ranges for the major stock indices below, all indices in Europe and NA closed at session highs.

Forex news for trading in New York on March 24, 2020

Looking at the Forex market, below you can see the areas – and above all – the 22-day average for the major currency pairs from a month ago. The 22-day average for the major currency pairs against the US dollar ranges from around 40 pips for EURUSD, USDCHF and NZDUSD and up to around 90 pips for GBPUSD (see red line in the graphic below).

That ranges from a month ago for the main currency pairs.

What are the 22-day average ranges now? Aside from the USDCHF at around 132 pips, the average ranges are between 150 and 220 pips for the major currency pairs versus the USD.

Go big or go home.

The ranges are now great

Now everything is BIG.

Looking at the strongest and weakest of the major currencies today, the GBP is the strongest, followed by the AUD and NZD. The weakest were JPY, USD and CAD.

The strongest and weakest of the major currencies

A closer look at some of the major currencies and levels to consider on the new day:

USDJPY: USDJPY went down early and tested a trend line on the hourly connection lows of yesterday and today. This trendline is at 110.40 and continues to rise. The 100 hour MA is below the 110.268. On the upside, the price today has spent most of the trading in NY high-end sessions in the last 3 days between 111.35 and 111.58. There were two attempts above the high extreme and each failed. That is a problem for the cops. We close at 111.22 below the low or extreme range (below 111.35). Remaining below 111.35 would keep sellers in better control on the new trading day.

EURUSD: The EURUSD has been trading above and below the 100-hour MA at 1.07658 in the last 4 hours of trading and ends the day near this MA level. It will be a barometer for the bulls and bears on the new trading day. The above trade is bullish. Moving down is more bearish. With more upward momentum, the first hurdle is the 1.0800 level. On the other hand, 1.0700 to 1.0710 is the next target support.

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