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Teignbridge Alderman David Cox and HIts Food Bank Chairman, Trustees

The government defended its summer voucher program after a food bank intervened because some children were still starving.

Teignbridge-based HITS grocery bank, based in Newton Abbot, provides hot meals to missed students and works with the Kingsway Meadow Center in Teignmouth's Holiday Hunger cooking project.

City council chairman David Cox says that in some cases, students from one school received the vouchers but their siblings at another school did not.

Cate Williams, trustee of the Kingsway Residents' Association, said, "Despite government grocery vouchers for children who have free school meals. Holiday hunger" remains a serious problem.

David Cox, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of HITS Food Bank, said, "We cannot thank the people of Teignbridge enough for their donations, but we would ask them to continue their support throughout the summer to ensure we can help children who are dated Are threatened by hunger. " and help us cope with unprecedented demand.

"Only an item donated to the collection points in supermarkets and stores can make a real difference to a youth struggling for food and living in poverty."

A government spokesman defended the voucher program, saying, "Maintaining free school meals during this pandemic has been a unique challenge and we would like to thank all schools for their hard work to meet it."

"Given the unprecedented situation facing children and families this summer, we announced a Covid Summer Food Fund. This offers eligible families vouchers to cover the six-week holiday season and is a specific response to the pandemic – order the eligible student vouchers before they close for summer vacation.

"There is a wide range of government assistance for families in need of additional or new assistance this summer, including £ 63 million in additional funding for councils to help those struggling with food and other essentials due to the coronavirus Parents should contact their local authorities for advice to access this direct funding. "

The spokesman added:

  • This summer we're bringing free activities and healthy eating to thousands of children through our £ 9 million vacation and eating program.
  • We also announced that we are extending our successful Breakfast Club program over the summer vacation.
  • Instructions for schools to order the Covid Summer Food Fund can be found here – the order should be received by the end of the semester:
  • As soon as all students return in September, meals will be offered in the schools so we can now run the voucher program.
  • If a school becomes eligible for an Eligible Child after the final order date, at least one week before the end of the school year but before the school's summer break, the school may place a special order for that child through the Edenred system.
  • • As of July 28, Edenred reported that over £ 344 million worth of voucher codes were redeemed in supermarket gift cards by schools and families as part of our national voucher scheme for free school meals.
  • Additional government support is available for families struggling with the coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, see If families are in dire need of help, they can contact their local council to find out what services are available in their area.
  • The government has invested more than £ 9.3 billion in the welfare system, including increasing universal loans and tax credits by up to £ 1,040 per year to help those most in need of coronavirus, and income protection schemes, mortgage vacations and additional assistance for renters.

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