Firm that ran fake news advertising for Brexit campaign is rebranded as ‘safety tech’ expert

A government department named Great Britain as "World leader“For“ security technology. ”Such technology will, according to the department, help make“ the UK the safest place in the world to go online. ”But all in one list Among the companies that make up this sector is the agency responsible for promoting Vote Leave – much of it is fake news. This agency is directed from an employee of Dominic Cummings who effectively running 10 Downing Street.

Meanwhile, an agency that published fake news for the Conservative Party during the 2019 general election has was given £ 3m from the Johnson government for running the Coronavirus (Covid-19) campaign.

You couldn't make that up.

New listing of Faculty AI

It was on July 22nd, 2020 reported that certain responsibilities of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) would come under the direct control of the Cabinet. Not long after that, the DCMS collaborated with the International Trade Department released a directory of companies that specialize in "security technology" that could help fight fake news and disinformation in general. In its introduction it says in the directory:

The technology and services that these organizations provide are valuable to government and society. …

They … help combat disinformation and false or misleading narratives.

An independent report by Perspective Economy, a Belfast-based business consultancy for the DCMS describes The organizations listed in the directory help to “identify and disrupt false, misleading or harmful narratives”.

Is listed in the directory Faculty AI. It describes itself as:

Experience in using AI to protect and inform citizens and develop AI tools to detect terrorist content, identify disinformation and counterfeit content

Fake news

Faculty AI was before known as Advanced Skills Initiative (ASI) Data Science and was a supplier for Vote Leave, the Brexit campaign by Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

The Electoral Commission's database found that ASI provided five bills for five working sets, including "advertising", for voting leave:

Leave voting Show were from the DCMS as part of its inquiry in fake news. Some advertisements were blatant lies and aimed to instill fear, like the one that was wrong asserts that Turkey was about to join the EU.

There was also this one about immigration:

Exiting fake vote ad

Another reason was the EU's request for GBP 350 million. pronounced by Full Fact as "wrong" and by the UK statistical agency as "clear abuse of official statistics".

Downing Street Link

Faculty is Run::

by Marc Warner, whose brother, Ben Warner, a data scientist, was reportedly subsequently recruited to Downing Street by (Downing Street Special Adviser) Cummings last year Run data modeling for the general election campaign of the Conservative Party.

In addition, and significant::

Ben Warner is a former senior faculty officer and reportedly also worked on voting leave.

Faculty was before excellent a series of UK government treaties. It is reported that the faculty has received at least 13 assignments worth £ 3 million since 2018. Such an assignment to the faculty allows the government to verify not only a person's credit information, but also their social media accounts and utility payments. All apparently to help gather information about coronavirus (Covid-19).

More counterfeit

Meanwhile, Topham Guerin Limited (TG) has received a contract value £ 3m on Campaign work related to Covid-19. The contract stipulates that TG "must attend meetings with members of the 77th Brigade and Cabinet to review efforts to contain fake news and make recommendations for further action." Part of the 77th Brigade task counteracts "Covid misinformation".

TG was responsible for renaming a Conservative Party Twitter account as a so-called account Fact-checking service in the middle of the 2019 general election campaign. It is too reported that TG set up a website falsely presented as a Labor Party manifesto.

It is elsewhere reported This TG took over the work for the communications company CTF Partners, named by Bill Browder in his confidential report to the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC).

Lot of money

It appears that a lot of money is being swirled around thanks to the pandemic, with much of it going to companies with little or nothing to do with health care.

This is disaster capitalism in action.

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