Financial services firm to expand into Belfast

Financial services company expands to Belfast

Financial services software specialist Inbotiqa is investing in Northern Ireland for the first time to create 14 jobs.

The London-based company is building a technology center in Belfast to further expand its email workflow platform YUDOmail.

It was developed to enable users to track, manage and trade emails in high volume group mailboxes. This optimizes workloads for companies by solving operational problems and increasing productivity.

Managing Director Liza Russell said: "With the majority of employees across the UK still working from home, it is more important than ever today that teams can communicate effortlessly even when they're not sitting next to each other.

"New hires at our Belfast technology center will focus on developing the platform's ML functions and will play a key role in achieving our growth plans.

"Invest NI has shown us how important a base in Northern Ireland will be as we grow globally. The culture and diversity of the technology sector in NI really appeals to us, especially the high quality of our talent, and we look forward to welcoming our team allowed to . "

In 2019, Invest NI invited Inbotiqa's senior management team to showcase the opportunities offered by the local technology sector and to introduce the company to various stakeholders.

It has also offered £ 84,000 for job creation.

Managing Director Kevin Holland said: "After Covid-19, the way we all work and work together has changed. It is now important that companies can communicate easily.

"Inbotiqa's new hub in Belfast is a welcome addition to the Northern Irish technology sector. We were pleased to provide the company with a direct view of NI's business landscape."

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