Face masks now compulsory on public transport in Wales

The Welsh government recommends three-layer face coverings to make commuting easier for commuters as the block restrictions are gradually being relaxed.

Bus drivers, train attendants, taxi drivers and other operators can prevent people from getting in unless they are wearing a face mask.


Firm criminal charges can be directed to those who refuse to wear face masks, primarily with a £ 60 fine and a double for repeated offenses.

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Ken Skates, Minister of Economy and Transport for the Welsh Government, said: “As of today, the vast majority of our public transport users in Wales are required to wear a face mask when traveling on our buses, trains and taxis.


“The law was introduced to reduce the risk of corona viruses being transmitted to the public and to protect the health of our users of public transport.

"We know that it may not always be possible to maintain a physical distance of two meters in public transport, and wearing a face mask is in addition to other guidelines that we have given our transport companies to promote safe travel."

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