EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Says UK Trade Deal with EU Unlikely at This Point


"With the current refusal to commit to open and fair competition and a balanced fisheries agreement, the UK is making the trade deal unlikely at this time," Barnier said, according to RIA Novosti.

British Brexit negotiator David Frost again said that there are still significant gaps in the most difficult areas, the so-called level playing field and fisheries, but Britain can still reach agreement with the European Union in September.

"Despite all the difficulties, based on the work done in July, I believe that agreement can still be reached in September and that we should continue negotiating with that goal," continued Frost.

He added that it was clear that London's goal of reaching a preliminary agreement on Britain's exit from the EU would not be achieved in July.

"Unfortunately, it is clear that in July we will not achieve an early understanding of the principles underlying an agreement," said Frost.

The United Kingdom is expected to finally exit the block's trade and customs regulations on December 31. Given the limited progress between London and Brussels in concluding a comprehensive trade agreement, uncertainty remains. Both sides now appear determined to maintain the December deadline regardless of the final outcome of the talks.

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