Epic Games CEO speaks out against loot boxes in gaming

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has clarified his position on loot boxes.

Loot boxes are one of the biggest issues when playing outside of our Fortnite bubble. At some point, they became a standard way of offering players cosmetics and sometimes game-enhancing rewards.

There is a long list of games that continue to advance the loot box model. PUBG, Overwatch, Apex Legends, FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K to name a few. Even Fortnite Save the World used Loot Llamas when the game came out.

However, Epic Games is fighting loot boxes headed by CEO Tim Sweeney. He talked about this gaming monetization practice, like the one at the DICE summit in Las Vegas Hollywood reporter.

On the subject of loot boxes while playing, Sweeney told the crowd: “As an industry we have to ask ourselves what we want to be when we grow up. Do we want to be like Las Vegas, with slot machines … or do we want to be widely recognized as creators of products that customers can trust? I think we'll see more and more publishers move away from loot boxes. "

"We should be very cautious about creating an experience where the outcome can be influenced by spending money," he continued. "Loot boxes play with all the mechanisms of gambling, except for the possibility of getting more money in the end."

Sweeney supported this lecture through the action of Epic Games. Llamas in Save the World now tell you what to keep. Epic's purchase of Rocket League developer Psynoix was accompanied by the expiry of the random boxes from the game.

Sweeney also spoke about Epic's partnerships with media giants like Marvel and Star Wars. The CEO believes that this is a much healthier approach to monetization than loot boxes.

"The future of it, when you have a fantastic new product, start releasing free content in games and people get busy," Sweeney told the audience.

It will be difficult for you to find a consumer who is committed to loot boxes. Players generally hate loot …

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