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The DPP has announced the first average score for participants in its Sustainability Commitment program launched last November to promote environmentally sound practices.

The DPP's sustainability program provides a self-assessment checklist that companies can use to record their progress in implementing sustainability policies and rate them five out of five.

In a statement, the media industry's corporate network confirmed that while the participating companies achieved across the spectrum, the industry average was two out of five.

Mark Harrison, General Manager of DPP, said: “Two out of five may sound bad in the industry average. And the DPP itself only scored two points. "

“However, the fact is that no one has known where the media industry is on the way to a more sustainable future.

“Our program has provided a tool by which we can all show our commitment and measure our progress. It's really motivating. "

The "Commitment to Sustainability" program was made possible by DPP member Atos and was featured at the DPP Tech Leaders ’Briefing in November last year to promote environmentally sound practices among content providers and providers.

The program scores are private to the company in question, but can be used when submitting purchases, marketing, and as a motivating force for further improvement.

The DPP said: "The participating companies have scored a number of points between one and five, resulting in a current industry average of two."

Nineteen participants are currently participating in the program, from global professional service providers to specialized media technology companies.

The companies are A + E Networks EMEA, Akamai Technologies, Arqiva, Atos, Blackbird, Cerberus Tech, Deep Render, DPP, Film Locker, InSync-Technologie, Limecraft, MediaSaaS, Piksel, Qvest Media, Red Bee Media, Rubber Republic and Singular Live, Sundog Media Toolkit and Tinkerlist.

Harrison added, "All of these companies say," We take care of it and we want to know how to measure our progress. "

“That's why the companies with low scores are just as impressive as the companies with high scores. The program is a letter of intent and a community for responsible companies.

"The DPP is looking forward to working with this community in the coming months and years."

According to the DPP, the scope and number of participants in the DPP Committed to Sustainability program are expected to increase rapidly over the next twelve months and will regularly update the industry average so that companies can measure their performance against them.

Akamai Technologies is one of the youngest companies to be awarded the DPP Committed to Sustainability label.

Mike Mattera, Director of Sustainability at Akamai, said: “We are delighted to be part of the DPP Committed to Sustainability program.

“Here at Akamai, ecological sustainability speaks for our core values ​​as an organization. It is important for us and our customers that we can publicly demonstrate our commitment to reducing our impact. "

The program is available to all companies free of charge, regardless of whether they are members of the DPP.

More information can be found on the DPP website here,

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