Donald Trump ‘told Theresa May she was spineless’ in private calls

DONALD TRUMP "bullied and humiliated" Theresa May during a phone call with her when she was prime minister, a report said.

The US president has belittled the former prime minister for her "spineless" approach to Brexit and is said to have told her that she was "weak" and "despondent," said a report by seasoned Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein.

It was said that Ms. May's encounters with Mr. Trump would make her nervous and intimidated, in contrast to German Angela Merkel, who was relaxed and replied to his "noise" with what he supposedly called "stupid".

The calls to Ms Merkel were so "problematic" that German officials reportedly kept the content in a "small group".

Trump's private calls to Vladimir Putin were reportedly the tone of "two men in a steam room," but the Russian president "outperforms" his US counterpart.

The Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also said to be forwarded to Mr. Trump.

Two sources said Mr. Trump was "delusional" on some calls. Former chief of staff John Kelly reportedly said they had damaged national security.

Ms. May was the first foreign leader to meet Mr. Trump in 2017, but he started attacking her after criticizing him for retweeting the far-right group Britain First.

Shortly before she resigned last year, he criticized her for ignoring his advice on Brexit and "going her own silly way". Ms. May announced that he advised her to sue the EU.

President "informed in writing of Putin's Taliban conspiracy"

Quiet front: Angela Merkel listens to Trump at last year's G7 summit. PICTURE: GETTY

The White House is under pressure to explain how much was known about the allegations that Russia offered the Taliban money to kill US troops. Officials have insisted that Donald Trump was not "personally" informed of the alleged deal in Afghanistan in 2019. The US President, who wanted to improve relations with Russia's Vladimir Putin, was reported to have had written information about threats to the US armed forces earlier this year, but was not taking action.

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