Discord transitions its brand away from gaming, focuses on chat for everyone

Discord has long been known as a communications service focused on gaming communities, and at some point the company even tried to offer games through its own platform – although this initiative was discontinued within a year. Despite its focus on games, Discord has become a popular platform for all types of chats. the team announced new branding for its service, away from the player-oriented slang.

With the new slogan "Your place to talk" Discord a new website This eliminates almost all formulations related to games and the creation of communities and general communication. The Discord team said its users have asked the platform to welcome new users. So she changed her language to make it wider, weaken game references and jokes in the app, and optimize the onboarding experience for new users.

The app also has some advanced features with server-wide video features and new server templates that make it easier for users to get together and create communities. The team has also increased voice and video capacity by 200%, and there are "hundreds" of bug fixes that need to be addressed.

Given the increasing importance of communication tools in the past few months, it makes sense for Discord to expand its target audience, especially given that many of the existing users are not already using them for games. The company says this is just the beginning of its efforts to make Discord a place for all types of users, so we can probably expect further changes later.

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