‘Devastating’: vicar and headteacher among latest UK coronavirus victims | World news

A principal teacher and a Holocaust survivor are among the youngest British victims of the coronavirus outbreak to be named.

Wendy Jacobs, director of Roose Elementary School in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, is the first identified key worker to die of the disease.

The death was also reported by William Stern, a Hungarian-born survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp who was at the center of one of the UK's largest bankruptcies.

Jacobs was diagnosed with the virus last week and was being cared for at Furness General Hospital. She died on Sunday after a letter to parents and caregivers by the chairman of the school, Fred Chatfield. He said her death was "devastating" for the school and the community.

He also announced that the school would be closed to all students on Monday. The students left Flowers and homemade cards in front of the school gates. Chatfield's letter states: “We are all in shock and, in these exceptional circumstances, have decided to shut down school and kindergarten tomorrow for all students, including those of key employees.

“I am sure you will understand that opening school and kindergarten is not an option. We recommend that all children stay home tomorrow. This is a great loss to our school, kindergarten and community, and I will contact you as soon as possible to explain how we will celebrate Ms. Jacobs' life and contribution. "

The school teaches children from kindergarten to the age of 11.

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Public Health England data at 11:58 PM GMT March 23, 2020


The Board of Deputies of the British Jews said two members of the ultra-orthodox Haredi community in Britain had died. According to the media, it is Rina Feldman (97) and Stern (85).

Stern, who was born Vilmos György Stern on July 2, 1935 in Budapest, Hungary, was imprisoned as a child in the Bergen-Belsen camp during World War II. He shared his memories of Torah readings at the camp on Shoah website.

After the war, he settled in London and built a successful real estate empire. Stern Holdings collapsed in 1973 and in 1978 Stern was declared bankrupt with £ 118m of debt, a British record at the time.

Actress Sophia Myles, who appeared on Spooks and Doctor Who, announced that her 77-year-old father Peter Myles had died of coronavirus on Saturday. On Twitter, she wrote: “My dear father only died a few hours ago. It was the Corona virus it finally cost him. "

Sophia Myles

RIP Peter Myles. ❤️

My dear father only died a few hours ago. It was the corona virus that finally took him.

March 21, 2020

She published a picture of her comforting her father the day before he died. Myles touched his forehead while wearing plastic gloves, a mask, and a protective hospital apron.

Sophia Myles

Yesterday I went on a trip to see my father. This is the harsh reality of the corona virus pic.twitter.com/T609EBfAfJ

March 21, 2020

Before retiring in 2008, Myles was Anglican pastor at St. Johns Church Isleworth in west London, where he served as "Liberal Soul". After being ordained in 1971, his first job was as a curator at Tideswell in Derby. He spent the rest of his career in West London, including as a priest at St. Peter's Church in Notting Hill and as the bishop of Kensington's chaplain.

He had Parkinson's and spent his final years in a nursing home near St. Johns in Isleworth. Myles had documented her father's illness for the US television station CBS.

Former English rugby player Will Greenwood announced that his aunt Jean had died after testing positive for the virus.

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In an Instagram post, Greenwood said his aunt "never did anything other than bring sunshine into my life." He said she lives near Greenwoods boarding school in Sedbergh, Cumbria.

Greenwood said she was the oldest of three sisters and in her eighties, "but she had so much to do".

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Many of you asked me so kindly about my Aunt Jean. I had mentioned in a newspaper and in my podcast that it was difficult to handle COVID-19. Aunt Jean passed away yesterday morning. Oldest of 3 sisters. Aunt Jean was in her eighties but had so much to do. Aunt Jean has never done anything other than bring sunshine into my life. She lived near my boarding school and came over as often as she could to make sure I had quavers, pot noodles, Parma ham and a bit of money and knew how far I was from home. Aunt Jean lived all her life in and around sport and was so kind to everyone she met. Kindness, generosity of mind, a timer. It blew us all away in the family. My cousin Claire lost her mother, who had so many years. Aunt Jean never met her newborn great-granddaughter. We'll all miss you Aunt Jean. Aunt Jean asked us not to cry with her last words. We love you so much.

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