Coronavirus: UK records 20 deaths of people with COVID-19 and 3,991 new daily cases | UK News

The UK recorded 20 deaths in people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 today, according to the government.

There were 3,991 new daily confirmed cases of Coronavirus, compared to 3,105 yesterday, the numbers show.

This is the highest daily number of new cases since May 8, when 4,649 were reported, according to Reuters.

According to official figures, there were a total of 41,684 deaths.

Separate figures released by the UK statistical authorities show that the UK has now registered 57,500 deaths COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

The figures also show that 901 patients are currently being hospitalized for COVID-19, 115 in ventilated beds.

The September 9 cases totaled 2,659 – meaning an additional 1,300 people tested positive compared to the same day the previous week.

The daily cases have increased since July 6th when only 352 cases were recorded – the lowest since March 16.

According to Sky's Ed Conway, who is also starting to have the virus recurring, the history of cases in the UK appears to be in line with France and Spain.

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It comes after Boris Johnson told MPs that groups of high school students should only be sent home from school if there was a positive test in your bladder.

On the liaison committee, he said, "In schools it is very important that parents and teachers read the instructions on when to get a test."

Ed Conway examines some of the data collected over the past few months

COVID data will be checked from the beginning of the blocking

On Wednesday local lockdown measures were imposed in the Welsh county Rhondda Cynon plate after an increase in the number of cases of the virus.

Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething confirmed that the new restrictions – which include banning people from entering or leaving the area "without a reasonable apology" – will come into effect Thursday at 6:00 pm.

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