Coronavirus in Spain figures (3 August)

Latest figures: Coronavirus in Spain (August 4)

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Report updated below in Spain 18h on Monday, August 3

CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest figures from the Ministry of Health

The newest official figure* published by the Spaniards Ministry of Health on Monday, August 3 for the number of people who tested positive Corona virus (Covid-19) is now 297.054. This is an overall increase of 8,532 against the figure released on Friday July 31 – but with the Ministry, which determines that 968 these infections have occurred in the past 24 hours. However, the numbers released today are not include Data from Madrid, Catalonia or Navarre – according to the Ministry of "technical problems".

The ministry says it also reviews and updates historical data (see also Deviations in numbers* below). No numbers were updated during the Weekends since Friday, July 3rd.

Including data from Madrid, Catalonia and NavarreCount on Friday had shown an increase from 3,092 Infections compared to the numbers released on Thursday – but the Ministry of Health said it was 1.525 in a 24 hour period.

Thursday was 1,229 in a period of 24 hours – but an overall increase of 2,789 compared to Wednesday.

Of 968 New infections registered in the past 24th hours from the Central Ministry of Health in Spain, 586 are in Aragon (With 3,970 new cases there in the last 7 days), 123 are in the Basque Country, 101 in the Andalusia, and 51 by doing Valencia region.

21 Cases were registered in the Canary Islands in the past 24 hoursand none in the Balearic Islands.

The current peak of infections recorded for a 24 hours Period in Spain was up March 31when 9.222 new cases were registered.

The Ministry of Health & # 39;s official numbers* to the Monday, August 3 also show now that there was overall 28,472 Corona virus deaths in Spain – an increase of 27 since Friday.

The currently known high point of recorded deaths related Corona virus in one 24 hours Period in Spain was up 2nd of Aprilwhen 950 Deaths have been recorded.

A full breakdown of data per region, along with Age group You can find statistics under click here.

People walking in Barcelona with face masks
People walking in Barcelona with face masks during the coronavirus crisis. (Edu Bayer)

Situation in Catalonia

Regardless of the way in which Spain Ministry of Health presents its figures (above), the regional health office in Catalonia has released its own data Monday shows one more 1,230 new cases of Corona virus have been registered there in the past 24 hours.

On Sunday there had been 1.303 new cases of Corona virus in the Catalonia – and Saturday had seen 1,058 new cases in 24 hours.

There were now 100,668 Corona virus Cases in Catalonia – and the authorities continue to warn that a complete ban could be inevitable if the "critical situation" prevails.

While restrictions in the county Segrià, Home of the city Lleidawere canceled – and other measures in the Barcelona city and metropolitan areas were also relaxed – the Covid-19 Numbers stay high.

Last Monday, July 27th, Catalan President Quim Torra warned of "critical 10 days in advance".

* Deviations in numbers

Although the Ministry of Health updated its official coronavirus mortality numbers June 19 then continue disagreements With the data released by some of the country's regional health authorities, there are still big differences in the "Mortality" Figures published for this period in Spain.

Click here for the full report: Spain's “over-mortality” during the coronavirus pandemic is over 43,000

Spain National Statistics Institute (INE) published numbers This shows that the number of deaths in the first 21 weeks of 2020 have been 24% higher than in the same period in 2019 – based on information from the country's registry offices (January 1 to May 24). The number of deathss is 43,945 higher in 2020 than in 2019.

Spain – "New normality"

After three months under a Alarm condition (since March 14th), Spain entered its "New normality" Phase on Monday, June 22, following the government's four-step plan to ease the country's restrictions on blocking. CLICK HERE for all the details: Spain's “New Normal” – important points

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