Coronavirus: Four more care home deaths in Shropshire but none in hospitals for 11 days

Three nursing home residents died in the Shropshire Council area and one in Telford & Wrekin district a week through June 26, new data from the National Statistics Bureau showed.

This means that 139 people with Covid-19 died in nursing homes in the county, including 95 in the Shropshire Authority area and 44 in Telford & Wrekin.

The combined death toll from coronaviruses in hospitals and nursing homes in Shropshire is now 323, while the death toll in hospitals remains unchanged at 184 today.

Daily number of coronavirus deaths in Shropshire hospitals by date of death on June 30. Data: NHS England. The numbers are likely to rise as more deaths are announced.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the UK, including deaths inside and outside hospitals, has risen by 155 to 43,730 today.

The latest data from the NHS shows that it has been 11 days since the last patient died of coronavirus in a Shropshire hospital.

However, this can change as some deaths may not be announced for several days or weeks based on tests or information for relatives.

More Covid 19 reporting:

So far, 165 patients have died of the virus at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, 14 at the Shropshire Community Health Trust and five at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopedic Hospital near Oswestry.

The newly confirmed death in a nursing home in Telford occurred on June 26, while in Shropshire two died on June 23 and one on June 24.

The number of deaths in English hospitals rose today by 37 to 28,709, and in Wales the death toll increased by three to 1,510.

In Powys, 90 people have died from the virus.

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