Coronavirus deaths rise for first time since mid-June

The number of coronavirus deaths registered in a week has increased for the first time since mid-June.

Seven people died of the disease a week until July 24.

Two deaths have been reported in the past week.

The number of deaths had dropped from week to week since June 12. The number of weekly deaths is much lower than the April 24 peak, when 128 coronavirus deaths were recorded this week.

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The numbers were released this morning by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (Nisra).

The body records all deaths in which Covid-19 is listed on a death certificate.

The daily death toll published by the Ministry of Health relates primarily to coronavirus deaths in hospitals.

Nisra's numbers are significantly higher than those published by the department, with a difference of almost 300 deaths.

Nisra has had 854 coronavirus deaths.

The department's previous figures show that the number of deaths registered is 556.

The coronavirus pandemic claimed 854 lives in the north

Of the 854 deaths recorded by Nisra, 448 (52.5%) occurred in hospital, 349 (40.9%) in nursing homes, eight (0.9%) in hospices and 49 (5.7%) at residential addresses or others Places.

Deaths were recorded in a total of 81 nursing homes and hospices.

Of the 429 deceased nursing home residents, 349 died in a nursing home, the remaining 80 in the hospital.

Nursing home residents account for 50.2% of all deaths from corona viruses.

People over 75 die of the disease more often than any other age group.

Around 80% of all deaths with corona viruses were recorded in the group of over 75-year-olds.

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