Coronavirus: China reports no Covid-19 deaths for first time

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The country's health commission confirmed that there were no deaths and 32 confirmed cases

China did not report any coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, the first time since the daily figures began to be released in January.

The National Health Commission said it had 32 confirmed cases, up from 39 on Monday.

It is because the government is considering whether to report its numbers.

The government says more than 3,331 people have died and 81,740 have been confirmed to be infected.

All confirmed cases on Tuesday had arrived from overseas.

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China fears that foreign arrivals could trigger a second wave of infections.

It has already closed its border to foreigners, including those with a visa or residence permit.

International flights have been reduced because both Chinese and foreign airlines are only allowed to operate one international flight per week. Flights cannot be more than 75% full.

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Media signatureA memorial day is held in China to honor those who died in the outbreak of the corona virus

On Wednesday, Wuhan is said to allow people to leave the city for the first time since the blockade began in January.

Officials say anyone with a "green" code on a popular smartphone health app can leave the city.

Some people in "epidemic-free" residential areas are allowed to leave their homes for two hours.

However, Wuhan officials revoked 45 epidemic-free status due to the occurrence of asymptomatic cases and other unspecified reasons.

Asymptomatic refers to someone who carries the virus but has no symptoms.

China started reporting asymptomatic cases in early April.

More than 1,033 asymptomatic patients are under medical observation.

The country's state media have used claims that China is too slow to raise the alarm and have released a detailed timetable for its response and information exchange.

The first day of zero newly reported coronavirus deaths since the National Health Commission began publishing daily numbers is undoubtedly a source of hope in China and even around the world. In a way, it doesn't matter if the character is real.

There has been much debate over the accuracy of this country's coronavirus statistics, but even if the total number of infections and deaths is not adequately reported, the trend appears to be revealing. Why? Because the trend corresponds to reality in many ways.

Interestingly, China's media controlled by the Communist Party don't report the first 24 hours of no fanatic deaths. The topic is not even a central trend topic on Chinese social media platforms. It was the same when we had the first day without new infections from our own cultivation.

This means either that Chinese media know too well that there are accounting deficiencies here, or that the party is more aware that there are accounting deficiencies, which is why a prudent presentation is ordered. Either way, in the end it's probably neither here nor there. Check out the trend. There is good news in the trend.

What happens somewhere else?

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care. He has had coronavirus symptoms for 10 days
  • Late Monday, the U.S. recorded 1,150 new coronavirus deaths in 24 hours. It now has the highest number of confirmed cases worldwide with more than 366,000
  • Worldwide, more than 1.3 million cases with almost 75,000 deaths have now been confirmed
  • Japan is preparing for the state of emergency. The measure announced on Monday could take effect on Tuesday evening
  • France has the highest daily death toll at 833

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