Coronavirus: Britons travelling to France warned to ‘keep an eye’ on quarantine rules | UK News

Anyone planning a vacation across the canal is warned to keep an eye on the advice of the Foreign Office in the event that France's quarantine status changes, a minister said.

Of France The position will be kept under review, Health Secretary Helen Whately said, stressing that they would not hesitate to impose more Coronavirus Travel restrictions to prevent the “terrible disease” from spreading across the UK.

This means the UK neighbor could be added to the list of countries returning travelers from must undergo a 14-day quarantine.


"The crisis here is serious"

A new spike in cases in France, the government has given thought to action and on Friday the number of daily cases there increased more than 2,200.

That was a high after the lockdown, but it has fallen since then – to 2,184 new infections on Saturday, 1,885 on Sunday and 785 on Monday, the country's health ministry said.

Emmanuel Macron's government responded with new rules Wear face covering in some busy outdoor areas of Paris.

Ms. Whately said: "We took action in Spain when we saw interest rates rising rapidly there.

"With France we have to look into it, and I would say people should just keep an eye on it when planning a vacation – keep an eye on the advice of the Foreign Office and be clear about your insurance terms," ​​she told Talk Radio.

Ministers not only base their decisions on the number of new cases, she stressed, and the number of tests performed is another guide.

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"You have to look at a number of these factors. We will seek advice from the chief medical officer, the clinical advisor, which is right.

"But we are in a pandemic, this is a terrible disease, we have to do what is right for our nation's health."

Face masks are mandatory in some of Paris' most popular tourist areas, including along the Seine and Montmartre. If the rules are violated, fines of 135 euros will be imposed on site.

All new restrictions are expected to be announced by the end of the week, unless a sudden spike in certain cases forces ministers to take notice beforehand.

An updated analysis of coronavirus infections abroad from the government's Joint Biosecurity Center is expected mid-week.

Ministers want people to be aware of the possibility that new quarantine measures could be put in place.

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