Coronavirus – Advice for Parents/Guardians From the DfE

Coronavirus The government is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus and taking action both domestically and abroad.

The overall risk of coronavirus for the UK remains moderate. However, we understand that people may be concerned when children, students, or employees return or visit from China / Southeast Asia.

Public Health England and the Foreign Office have provided advice to anyone traveling to the area. You can find this at:

You can also find the latest information and advice at:

The Department of Education is currently advising parents / guardians not to worry unduly about the possibility of your children getting the coronavirus.

There is no reason why your child (s) should not continue to go to school as usual.

We are aware that some families or children are planning to travel to China / Southeast Asia in the coming half-time. If so, please check out the latest government travel advice from the link above.

For information and advice on the coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK, as well as information on the virus and its symptoms, please visit the GOV.UK website here:

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