Co-op board game Spirit Island now has a nice digital edition

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The cooperative board game Spirit Island has finally hit the PC, and the official port of R. Eric Reuss & # 39; masterpiece of the complex co-op game is coming to Steam this week. Spirit Island is one of the best board games in recent years and ranks 13th among the best games from BoardGameGeek. It is a game in which players are part of a multitude of powerful natural spirits that work together to protect the indigenous people of their island from aggressive, militaristic invaders that would destroy their way of life.

Spirit Island Digital was first announced in 2018, but it's just making its way outside – although the wait has apparently paid off. It is a complex game with several stages and phases, but the adjustment goes smoothly. Once you've played on the tabletop, it's a pleasure that the game handles small details and resolves the attackers for you – as well as the game's difficulty settings. There is no official online game yet, but it is not difficult to play via remote play together.

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