City of London chief warns that breaking international law could risk investment

The head of the City of London Corporation said the government must give reassurance to investors that ministers will not violate international law in order to ensure future investments in the UK.

Business District political leader Catherine McGuinness explained the current Brexit negotiations and the government said violating international law could prove problematic.

She told the PA news agency that the recording "gave people a pause to think". She added, "But the rule of law is the bedrock of our system and we are undermining it at our risk."

Their comments came when the company revealed a poll conducted by Downing Street ahead of the recent Brexit comments that found 99% are still interested in investing in the city.

The city also suffers from a labor shortage. Ministers are desperate to get staff back to their offices and are putting pressure on senior executives, as well as chairmen and women, to encourage workers to move to the city centers.

Ms. McGuinness said it was important for employees to return, although she admitted that building trust in employees will be important.

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<figcaption>Lunchtime visitors who adhere to social distancing rules enjoy autumn sunshine in Potters Field Park near London City Hall (Jonathan Brady / PA).</figcaption></figure>
<p>She added, "These are challenging times and we've seen the ups and downs of city life really been disrupted by Covid. The city has proven its resilience and professional service companies thrive with adapting to work from home. But we have a history of two cities – with fringe benefits like cafes and hairdressers suffering.</p>
<p>“We think it would be good to have more foot in central London. They must be returned safely and following the guidelines without forgetting the flexibility that we have accepted. "</p>
<p>However, Ms. McGuinness said face-to-face meetings are still important in generating new business.</p>
<p>She said, "It works (remotely) for existing relationships, but it's a lot harder to build new ones.</p>
<p>"It is too early to say what things will be like in two or three years. In the short term, we will only gain a foothold again when the pandemic is finally over. When it comes to office visits, it will no longer be the case before. "</p>
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