Brexit: Pet Travel to the EU from 1st January 2021

Brexit: Pet travel to the EU from January 1, 2021

After the end of the transition period with the European Union, the requirements of the EU Pet Travel System (PETS) may change. From 1st In January, those wishing to travel from the UK to the EU with their pet may need to make travel arrangements at least four months in advance of their travel date.

Defra has begun reminding pet owners that they must contact their veterinarian to discuss requirements, including any required documentation and vaccinations, prior to each trip. For example those who want to travel with their pet from the UK to the EU on the 1stst January 2021, it is recommended that you discuss travel plans with your vet by January 1stst September at the latest. As a result, there may be an increase in inquiries from pet owners to veterinarians in small animal practices.

During the transition period, pet owners could still travel with their pets with an animal passport. The UK government is working with the European Commission to ensure a similar regime for pet travel between UK and EU from 1st January 2021 is in force. However, if no agreement is reached, new requirements may apply to those traveling with their pet from the UK to the EU from 1st January 2021.

The APHA Briefing Note 24/20 for OVs is available on the APHA Vet Gateway Here.

Pet owners are encouraged to check this latest government advice on traveling from the UK to the EU with your pets at the end of the EU exit transition period.

The current health preparations for pets entering the UK from the EU will not be changed from 1st January 2021. For the latest advice for pet owners planning to travel to the UK, please click here Here.

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