Brexit LIVE: Now you’re on OUR turf! Barnier in UK for vital talks after huge concession

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The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Mr Barnier, and the UK representative, Mr Frost, will meet in person in the capital today before speaking to the other teams on Wednesday. It comes after discussions between the two sides on a postBrexit The trade agreement dissolved at the beginning of last week with “significant differences”. The UK negotiator, Mr. Frost, said that although the ability to meet in person gave the discussions "additional depth and flexibility," there was more to be done.

And Mr Barnier praised Brussels for his "constructive" commitment, but said officials should see "equivalent commitment from the UK".

He said: “Our goal was to get negotiations on track quickly and successfully to reach agreement.

"After four days of discussion, however, serious differences remain."

It was hoped that the face-to-face meetings agreed between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after a high-level conference call last month would boost the process.

The Prime Minister was firmly convinced that he would not allow the discussions to drag on into the autumn and argued that British companies and citizens need certainty until then on the way there.

If both sides fail to reach an agreement by the end of the current Brexit transition period at the end of the year, this means that Britain will leave the internal market and the customs union without agreement.


CONTINUE READING: Barnier warns of "crucial" talks – the EU will compromise to seal the deal

Brexit at the latest

The Brexit talks between the UK and the EU are currently at a dead end (Image: GETTY)

Brexit at the latest

Michel Barnier will fly to London for Brexit talks today (Image: PA)

Update at 5:08 p.m .: The pound rises to a three-week high after news of the Brexit talks

The pound rose to a three-week high on Tuesday, gaining almost one percent against the euro.

It was optimistic that progress in EU trade talks could be made after it was announced that dinner was planned for later in the evening.

Kenneth Broux, analyst at Societe Generale, said: “I think there is some optimism for the dinner tonight at 10 Downing Street.

"The market is looking at what will give a boost in the next six months … but I think it's mostly flow driven and the volume isn't really high."

Brexit at the latest

Brexit schedule revealed (Image: EXPRESS)

4.33 p.m. Update: Philip Hammond ordered to be "silent" after warning of loosening EU relations

The remaining ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond was asked to remain silent on current affairs after issuing a warning about Britain's easing of relations with the European Union.

Rupert Lowe, former MEP of the Brexit Party, said he would welcome a period of silence from both Mr. Hammond and former Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mr Lowe went to Twitter to remind the couple that their days as UK Brexit efforts leaders had ended and asked them to accept it.

He said, "Let's not crush our words. Theresa May and Phillip Hammond, as Prime Minister and Chancellor, had completely failed.

"Why they feel that their contributions are now welcome is a mystery to me. The damage they have done to the reputation of our country in the world has been immense. A time of silence would be welcome! "

3.45 p.m. Update: Britain told Angela Merkel she would NOT help secure the trade agreement

A commentary in the German regional newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine warned Angela Merkel that this will not be the EU's weak point.

Author Katrin Pribyl, the newspaper's London correspondent, writes: “Berlin as the EU's Achilles' heel?

“It is a misperception that carries risks and has so far largely disappointed Brexit optimists.

"The often cited German automaker did not jump alongside the British, nor did Chancellor Angela Merkel take action against the 27 remaining EU countries.

"In London, hopes are based not only on Merkel's call to act pragmatically in negotiations, but also on the conviction that the federal government is determined to prevent an economically disorderly exit due to the export-oriented German economy."

Emily Ferguson takes over the live reporting from Rebecca Perring

Update at 2:42 p.m .: EU wants a deal, but warns – not at all costs

Michel Barnier said the EU wanted an agreement "but not at any price".

The leading EU negotiator released a picture of himself and his team on a train to London on Tuesday, saying: “The EU wants an agreement – and we do everything we can to be successful – but not at any price. "

Brexit news

Michel Barnier has tweeted that the EU wants a deal – but not at any price (Image: TWITTER)

1.40 p.m. Update: Should Interfering Eurocrats Still Make Economic Forecasts About Britain? POLL

EU leaders have released a Brexit Doomsday forecast today, warning that Britain's exit from the bloc will hamper the recovery of the coronavirus-stunted British economy. asks you if meddling eurocrats should still make economic forecasts about this nation? POLL HERE

Update at 12.47 p.m .: Barnier and Frost dine at No. 10

David Frost and Michel Barnier will dine at number 10 tonight as the next phase of the post-Brexit trade negotiations will take place in London.

Downing Street chief negotiators' intimate dinner faces more formal talks between small teams of officials from both sides, starting tomorrow.

The couple, who are accompanied by one of his deputies, are served grilled asparagus, zucchini and cherry tomato salad. Mainly a halibut fillet in lemon sauce along with seasonal vegetables. And for dessert, a summer fruit terrine with vanilla ice cream.

It is anticipated that the UK and the EU will continue to work on establishing a broad “landing zone” for a potential free trade agreement before more formal talks resume on July 20.

Update at 12.15 p.m .: Brexit discussions on "level playing field"

Downing Street said the talks would likely include discussions about the so-called level playing field.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said: "These are informal talks, so there is no published agenda, but I think you will be aware of the full range of issues we need to reach agreement with the EU on."

"I am sure that the discussions will cover everything from what the EU calls a level playing field to governance structures."

Brexit news

Boris Johnson has agreed to leave the EU without an agreement if an agreement cannot be reached (Image: PA)

brexit-news "data-h =" 350 "src =" " data-w = "590" title = "Brexit news

David Frost will have dinner with Michel Barnier tonight (Image: GETTY)

11.50 a.m. update: The brutal warning to Sturgeon about joining the EU will "kill the SNP"

Nicola Sturgeon has sparked a major debate across Britain with her plan to include Scotland as an independent country in the EU. However, an expert warned that this could lead to a disaster for the SNP.

Tim Worstall – a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute – argued in his 2016 article for Forbes that the problem could harm the SNP.

He claimed, "There is no easy way for Scotland to get in. It cannot slip by saying that it was already in it, so it should be easy or something."

He added: “This means that Scotland must have this second referendum.

“And I think I speak to many, if not most, of the English, when I say if they want to be good, goodbye and good luck.

"Also, that they will need this luck. The next phase would of course be joining the European Union as they want."

Update 10:48 am: Russia promises to respond to UK sanctions

Russia will take reciprocal measures to respond to British sanctions against 25 Russians, including the country's best state investigator, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Britain on Monday imposed sanctions on 25 Russians and 20 Saudis as part of post-Brexit measures aimed at stopping money laundering, according to Foreign Minister Dominic Raab.

10.33am update: How much will Britain pay the EU in 2020? The amazing amount

However, no new estimate was made of how much Britain currently owes the EU, but the Budgetary Responsibility Office estimated in late 2019 that the new figure had dropped to £ 32bn.

The OBR has informed the BBC that the total bill for 2020 alone will be £ 10.69 billion.

According to the BBC, the OBR expects most of the entire divorce to be paid by 2022, with some relatively small payments continuing until the 2060s.

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9.45 a.m. update: EU compared to “bitter ex-partner” after making Brexit forecast for doomsday

EU leaders sparked rage today after saying that Brexit will hinder the recovery of the pandemic-hit UK economy.

The European Commission's summer forecast predicts UK growth will drop to -9.7 percent before signs of a recovery start to show as coronavirus restrictions are lifted across the country.

Rupert Lowe, a former MEP of the Brexit party, said: “The behavior of the EU is increasingly similar to that of a bitter, confused ex-partner.

“If we fail, we will become more and more desperate and will do everything in our power to achieve this.

"When we finally get out of the lockdown, the last thing the British want to know is that we can't be successful with a bureaucrat who's got a free tax-free salary." Go hiking!"

9.26 a.m. update: The campaign to pull Italy out of the EU started with an unexpected petition

Italians living in the northern city of Verona are asked to sign a petition to leave the European Union after the city's mayor published a block for a referendum months after Britain's final withdrawal.

Mayor Federico Sboarina has restarted Italy's EU exit campaign, which was originally drafted by art critic and House of Representatives Vittorio Sgarbi.

Mr. Sboarina, who has been mayor of the city since June 2017, "winked" at Boris Johnson after the successful Brexit campaign, reports the Italian daily La Repubblica.

Update at 8.47 a.m .: Sterling holds almost three weeks high

The pound was close to a three-week high against the dollar and was up against the euro as investors waited for further details of the government's plans to support the UK economy.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will give a speech on spending on Wednesday. Further action has been taken since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced £ 5 billion in infrastructure investment seven days ago.

The pound was lower against the dollar at $ 1.2475, but within striking distance of a June 18 high of $ 1.2568.

It rose 0.1 percent against the euro to 90.49 pence.

Despite the pound's gains, some investors remained cautious about the currency's outlook. Position data showed that hedge funds are increasing their declining pound sterling bets as the UK and the European Union try to reach a trade deal in their Brexit negotiations.

Brexit at the latest

Michel Barnier has called for "serious deviations". (Image: PA)

Brexit at the latest

The Brexit negotiations will start in London today (Image: PA)

Update at 8.31 a.m .: Great Britain is pushing EU for free trade agreements

Johnson's spokesman added: “David was very clear that there are still significant differences in areas such as what the EU calls a level playing field.

“We continue to point out that we want a free trade agreement based on precedents and the way the EU has agreed with other friendly countries like Canada.

"We are not looking for anything special, tailor-made or unique.

"We have also been consistently clear that we cannot agree to a number of novel and unbalanced proposals that would bind the UK to EU law or standards or impose control over our national legal systems."

Update at 7.51 a.m .: EU withdraws in fisheries

The EU has accepted Britain's call for Brexit to break away from the common fisheries policy.

EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier announced that Brussels could agree to Britain's demands for fishing.

According to a transcript of a meeting on June 23 published on Monday, Mr. Barnier said: “I am waiting patiently for a response from the UK.

"If there is no answer, there will be no fisheries agreement and no trade agreement."

7.40am update: Michel Barnier says this week will be "crucial"

Michel Barnier has warned that this week's Brexit negotiations will be a "crucial" moment for the European Union and Britain's attempt to reach a free trade agreement.

The chief negotiator of the European Union said he was ready to be "creative" to meet Boris Johnson's red lines. But he will urge the Prime Minister to drop his "unacceptable approach" to the talks when the two sides meet in London today.

In the evidence released yesterday by the House of Lords, Mr Barnier said: "If there is to be any further progress on the substance, it must be from the UK."

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