Brexit LIVE: Barnier FINALLY exposed after leak from EU talks – now MUST move on red lines

Brexit LIVE: Barnier FINALLY unmasked after the leakage of the EU talks - now you have to move on red lines

This feedback after the last sphere of negotiations last week is very different from his optimistic public assessment of Britain's positions on fishing and the so-called "level playing field" that ensures truthful competitors. But Mr. Barnier directed a closed-door meeting based on sources currently chatting with Reuters: "I am sure that a balanced and sustainable business will remain achievable, even if it is much less impressive." that Britain now seems more interested in pursuing only an "inferior, understated" deal.

Brussels continues to push for a far-reaching agreement in a comprehensive treaty, but the UK is aiming for a simpler free trade agreement and a separate agreement in several other matters.

The EU's chief negotiator for Brexit said a recent meeting with Boris Johnson had convinced him that the prime minister still wants a deal, despite insisting that Britain is prepared for the prospect that there may be no agreement at all .

Brussels refuses to step down on several red lines, and the EU's requirement that its fishermen have access to British waters after Brexit is a major stumbling block.

Mr Barnier said that while the EU is finally recognizing Britain's desire to be an independent coastal state, it is "only unacceptable" for the UK to demand "an almost complete exclusion of EU fishing vessels from British waters".

The Brussels negotiator also said no progress had been made in terms of a level playing field, and accused the UK of refusing to maintain high standards and avoiding undercutting the bloc in areas such as climate, environment, labor and social law becomes.

Britain has continued to rule out any jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for its laws, and Mr Barnier has recognized that "no position for the UK Court of Justice" was one of Mr Johnson's three red lines.

He said: “We tried to understand how these three purple strains are aligned with our commitment to a completely new partnership.

"We have made progress towards a comprehensive and unified institutional framework that must include robust enforcement mechanisms."


Replace 8.15 a.m .: Barnier nevertheless assured that the Brexit is feasible for Great Britain

Michel Barnier has told Member States' emissaries during a non-public meeting that he is confident that post-Brexit trade will still be achievable for the UK. Diplomatic sources have instructed Reuters.

This is in stark contrast to his optimistic public assessment that Britain's positions on fishing and the extent to which the land is secured by truthful competitors made an agreement unlikely.

The EU's chief negotiator for Brexit instructed the meeting based on current sources: "I am still confident that a balanced and sustainable agreement will remain possible, even if it is less ambitious."

He added that the UK appeared to be everything to pursue an "inferior, understated" deal.

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