Brexit fishing row: Macron warned HUGE gamble will leave him with ‘egg on his face’

The French President has insisted during the trade negotiations that access for his country's fishermen to British waters should not be compromised under an agreement between London and Brussels. The EU's flagship continues to warn that French fishermen will not be “sacrificed” in the now bitter and long-standing Brexit process. On Friday, Boris Johnson increased pressure on the EU by halting talks with Brussels over a trade deal and warning Britain to prepare for a final no-deal Brexit.

Fisheries was a major obstacle to the negotiations as both sides were a considerable distance behind their demands for their respective industries after Brexit.

The UK would like fishing quotas to be renegotiated annually, but the EU has argued that this would make it impossible for the industry to make investment decisions.

Mr Macron warned on Thursday that "our fishermen will not be victims of Brexit," adding, "We did not make that choice. The British people did." He also warned France was ready for a no-deal outcome .

However, this has sparked a violent reaction from Brexiteer Daniel Kawczynski, who warned that if the French president continued to "outplay" his fishing cards, "he will end up with an egg in his face".

Brexit Macron fishing

Brexit News: Emmanuel Macron has been warned about the big gamble he is making on fishing (Image: GETTY)

Brexit Emmanuel Macron

Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron has taken a firm approach to the fisheries negotiations (Image: GETTY)

The Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham also warned that Mr Macron "will have a difficult conversation with his fishermen on this issue about why there is no further access to British waters at all".

Mr Kawczynski told "Macron has to please its fisheries unions, but we are not afraid of a no-deal.

“It would be much more difficult for them because in a no-deal scenario they will lose everything.

“Currently, French fishing vessels will have licenses that are negotiated annually, and the government is now talking about a three year transition period to implement some of those changes that I think are too generous.

Brexit Boris Johnson

Brexit News: Boris Johnson has stopped trade deals (Image: DOWNING STREET / PA)

"If Macron plays his cards, he'll have an egg on his face and will have a hard time talking to his fishermen about why there is no further access to British waters at all."

The Brexiteer described Mr Macron's remarks as "rude and disrespectful" and is confused that the French President has not yet understood that Britain is now an independent sovereign nation and that French fishermen will not have equal access to British waters after Brexit.

He has also urged the UK government not to make any further concessions on fishing and to leave without a deal if the French are unwilling to compromise.

Commenting on this website, Mr. Kawczynski said: “Macron is playing formally. What he says again is extremely rude and disrespectful.

Brexit fishing Macron

Brexit news: Emmanuel Macron was warned to "outplay his cards" (Image: GETTY)

Brexit fishery Boris

Brexit News: Boris Johnson has vowed to protect British fishermen in any EU trade deal (Image: PA)

"He still does not have to come to terms with the fact that we are now an independent sovereign nation and that British waters are no longer being fished by French fishermen who pillage fish stocks."

“Off the coast of Cornwall, for example, 80 percent of all fisheries go to the EU and only a tiny fraction is left for British fishermen.

“I spoke to Conservative MPs in the House of Commons today and there is absolute determination that the government will not make any further concessions on fishing.

"If France is not ready to make a deal on this, we must go away without a deal and go back to the Australian WTO model."

On the second and final day of the Brussels European Council, Mr Macron admitted that French fishermen know they will not get equal access to British fishing waters after Brexit, which is the first sign of a weakening attitude towards the thorny seem to be problem.

Brexit fishing waters

Brexit News: EU countries are most dependent on UK fishing waters (Image: EXPRESS)

He said, "Will the situation be the same as it is today? No, that's for sure. Our fishermen know, we know too. We have to help them.

However, he added: “But can we accept a Brexit that will sacrifice our fishermen? No."

When asked why he would block a Brexit deal because of sighing, the French president raved about whether the reporter had been "brainwashed".

Mr Macron said, "The current state of our talks is not that we stumble upon the subject of fishing, which is the British tactical argument, but everything. Everything."

He insisted that the top priority of EU leaders is to ensure fair competition rules and warned: "It happens that the remaining 27 EU leaders who have chosen to join the EU stay, not just there to make the UK Prime Minister happy. "

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