Brexit deal MUST include the Falklands! MP slaps down EU after Argentina’s demand

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The Argentine government has apparently written to EU Commissioner Joseph Borrell and asked the EU not to include the archipelago, which the South American country calls Malvinas, in trade talks. Buenos Aires-based news agency Infobae claimed that "the idea was" approved "by the EU and will insist in London that the Falkland Islands should not be included in the trade deal as it is a controversial area".

Andrew Rosindell, secretary of the Falkland Islands all-party faction and Tory MP for Romford, immediately rejected the idea.

He told “I think David Frost needs to be clear to the European Union that in all negotiations with the European Union he is negotiating on behalf of the UK and all overseas territories and dependencies to whom we are accountable.

“We are not allowing the EU, Argentina, Spain or anyone else to part with sovereign territories that we are obliged to include and service to and to ensure that they can take advantage of us leaving the EU.

"I think it's very clear when you say we're not including the Falkland Islands or Gibraltar or wherever it is, that's a no-no, that's a red line."

“Her Majesty's Government represents all of these territories and dependencies in the negotiations, and the United Kingdom in these discussions.

“It is not your job to determine who we negotiate for.

"It's a thing for us."

Buenos Aires is trying to put the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands back on the agenda, almost 40 years after the 1982 Falklands War, in which a task force dispatched by the then Prime Minister recaptured the islands after an invasion of Argentina that sparked a ten-week war.

Last week, the country's Senate unanimously endorsed the bills passed by President Alberto Fernandez reiterating his claim in an overt attempt to test Britain's resolve.

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The first bill creates a National Council on Matters relating to the Malvinas, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, while the second bill aims to establish the final outer boundaries of the continental shelf beyond 200 miles, which will likely be a precursor to Argentine oil Exploration.

Daniel Filmus, Argentina's secretary for Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, said: “It is of enormous importance that all parliamentary blocs agree that it is necessary for the Malvinas question to become a real state policy.

“The Council is at the highest political level and has a pluralistic composition. It will have precisely the task of working out and maintaining state policy on this matter.

"It is headed by the president of the nation himself and consists of political forces with parliamentary representatives, well-known academics and lawyers, the province of Tierra del Fuego and former combatants."

The Peronist President of Argentina elected last year, Alberto Fernandez, said in June: “We will continue to demand what belongs to Argentina.

“We will do it peacefully in international forums, but we will never stop doing it.

“I am not going to ask permission from the UK because they are usurping Argentine land, and we are not going to give in or have good manners on this matter.

"We obviously have a conflict with the UK over usurping our islands"

"And that will be a constant demand for Argentina that we will never give in to."

Regarding the administration of the predecessor Mauricio Macri, he added: “Unfortunately there has been a certain regression over the past four years as the government has not applied the necessary emphasis that the issue demands in considering Argentina's sovereignty over these territories and claims the adjacent sea. "

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