Brexit breakthrough: How Boris Johnson will FORCE Brussels to agree brilliant trade deal

Tory MP John Redwood noted that Boris Johnson's consistent demand would significantly strengthen Britain's negotiating position with the EU on a post-Brexit trade deal. During an interview with, Redwood claimed that Britain would only get a good trade deal if the EU realized that nothing else was offered. He added that if Mr. Johnson remains consistent and shows no signs of a significant compromise, the EU will be forced to agree to a mutually beneficial trade agreement.

Mr. Redwood said: "I can't be sure what Boris thinks, but I can give my advice.

“My advice is that Boris has to say and do exactly what he said and did from the start.

“That the British position is respectable, reasonable and strong and must not change.

“If the EU realizes in the coming weeks that our position will not change, we will start to see movement.

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“If the EU believes Boris Johnson has a secret way to compromise, they will be very tough.

"You could even defeat him."

Mr Redwood said that he believed that the UK was still able to end the post-Brexit trade negotiations without agreement.

He continued: “I think that if we just go, it will put us in a perfectly good position.

Mr Redwood also claimed that the EU was afraid of a prosperous Britain and feared that this could undermine the bloc.

He said: "I think the EU's concern was far from the trade agreement.

"I think the EU fears that if we have adequate leeway to legislate, set our own taxes, and negotiate our own trade agreements with the rest of the world, we can be pretty good at it.

"What they don't want is a very successful UK as soon as we leave the EU as they would see it as a commentary on the European Union."

The global coronavirus pandemic has postponed the UK-EU Brexit talks indefinitely as both groups are struggling with the health crisis.

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