Boris Johnson blasted for ‘cronyism’ as his brother, Theresa May’s husband Philip and Brexit backers are hande

BORIS Johnson was beaten up for "cronyism" when his brother Jo, Theresa May's husband Philip and numerous Brexit supporters were honored.

In a list published today, Ms. May's husband was knighted for "political service" while the Prime Minister presented a knight to his Remainer sibling.

The couple married in 1980 after meeting at a tory party


The couple married in 1980 after meeting at a tory party

The prime minister has now been accused of "inflating" the House of Lords to help his friends.

Dick Newby, chairman of Lib Dem of the House of Lords, said: “Theresa May has agreed to limit the number of new conservative peers she has appointed, but Boris Johnson has torn this policy apart.

"By giving peerages to a large number of his buddies, he has shown that the Tories have given up any excuse to reduce the size of the bloated House of Lords."

Labor MP John Trickett tweeted, "Tell me it's not true. The Prime Minister has put his own brother in the Lords. Smelly."

The SNP steward McDonald added: "Theresa May's husband, Philip, is to be knighted for" political services ".

"The only thing I've ever seen was standing next to his wife on the day she became prime minister and doing the same thing on the day she stopped being prime minister."

The appointments were also suppressed by the election reform company's campaign group.

Chief Exec Darren Hughes said: “The appointment of a large number of ex-MPs, party loyalists and his own brother has caused the Prime Minister to be derided. That he can get away with it shows what a private member club this house is.

“Is it really a priority to fill the lords with party loyalists as a pandemic rages around the world? This step is an absolute insult to voters. This makes fun of democracy.

“Today marks a nail in the coffin for the idea that the Lords are a kind of independent chamber of experts. It is a house of cronies and party supporters – we have to see it scrapped and replaced by a fairly elected chamber that is suitable for democracy. "

Ms. May's husband worked in Private equity for more than four decades and he is highly regarded in financial circles.

He is currently a senior executive at Capital Group, one of the world's largest and most powerful financial institutions, which controls £ 1.1 trillion in assets.

The portfolio includes stocks of Amazon and Starbucks worth £ 15 billion.

The prime minister also made sure the awards were a family affair, and presented his brother Jo with a nobility even though he had fought over the Brexit.

Jo quit last year as a minister and then as a MP, referring to "unsolvable tensions" Boris & # 39; Brexit Policy.

He suggested that his older brother was not acting "in the national interest".

Jo Johnson, PM Boris' younger brother, stepped down as a Tory MP last year


Jo Johnson, PM Boris' younger brother, stepped down as a Tory MP last year

The Prime Minister presented a nobility to former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, rumored that she would face Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament.

Brexit cricket commentator Ian Botham, along with newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev, was recognized as a peerage.

Other former Tory Chancellors Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond on the list, as well as DUP Vice-Chairman Nigel Dodds.

Five former Labor MPs also join the Lords, with Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Ian Austin, Gisela Stuart and John Woodcock handing roles.

All political figures have given awards today


Sir Henry Bellingham – former Parliamentary Secretary of State

Kenneth Clarke – former chancellor

Ruth Davidson – former Scottish Tory leader

Philip Hammond – former chancellor

Nicholas Herbert – former Minister of Police

Joseph Johnson – former university minister and brother of Boris

John Mark Lancaster – former Minister of the Army

Sir Patrick McLoughlin – former Tory chairman

Aamer Sarfraz – Tory Treasurer

Edward Vaizey – former minister

Kathryn Clark – former Labor MP

Brinley Davies – Director of Union Pension Services Ltd.

Nigel Dodds OBE – Deputy Head of DUP

Frank Field – former Labor MP and chair of the Labor and Pensions Committee

Kate Hoey – former Labor MP and Brexit supporter

Ian Austin – former Labor MP and Corbyn critic

Gisela Stuart – Former MP and Brexit supporter

John Woodcock – Former Labor MP


Philip May-Theresa May's husband

Cllr Raymond Puddifoot MBE – Services for Hillingdon


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