Bitcoin Casino adds Vampire Night Slot Game by EGT

Retro to the core, vampire night slot game uses this recognizable design that you can find in any horror movie developed in the 90s. The game itself doesn't offer spectacular graphics, but it has a unique feel that fans of older films may really appreciate. Not to mention that the game has this dark, yet fascinating atmosphere with symbols that represent vampire memorabilia. Piles, blood-filled cups, and old books are all over the place, and it's up to you to collect them.

Vampire Night Slot was developed by EGT and is a 5-reel game that contains 5 fixed active lines. When it comes to delivering rewards, the game is not stingy at all. You can win a regular prize up to 750x, which is a decent amount of money. In terms of features, the game is good enough. It has several multipliers, Expand wilderness and stacked symbols that are ready and able to give you multiple prizes.

You choose bets in this game from the bottom section. There are five different rotary buttons that you can click. Vampire Night Slot Game has five betting values, namely 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 coins. As mentioned earlier, the game allows you to win a solid amount of money, up to 750x (maximum $ 75,000).

It's decent in terms of rewards, but keep in mind that the game also has some progressive jackpots that could also improve the RTP. When it comes to RTP, the game is set to 95%, which is not great, but not terrible either. Thanks to the progressive jackpot, the game still has an adequate RTP level overall.

This fascinating game is a fast-paced slot with numerous fairly simple functions. It doesn't bother you with unnecessary options, so you can experience a fast game when starting. Vampire Night Slot Game is a product worth trying out. It can now be played at Bitcoin Casino (

Bitcoin Casino is one of the most reliable gambling companies on the internet. This website trades both real money and virtual currency and is constantly expanding its portfolio to offer its customers only the best products. Visit the website, check out the offer, and briefly play Vampire Night Slot while you are there.

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