Beauty salons to open as coronavirus restrictions relaxed in England

Beauty salons, nail poles, and tattoo shops are opening for the first time in four months as part of the recent relaxation of lock restrictions in England.

Spas, massage studios and physiotherapy companies can welcome customers again on Monday.

However, companies must adhere to coronavirus guidelines and restrictions on treatments that work directly in front of the face are not available.

According to the government, facial waxes, eyelash treatments, makeup applications, and facials should not be provided because of the higher risk of Covid-19 transmission.

The relaxation comes when around 200 workers on a farm in Herefordshire were quarantined after a coronavirus outbreak.

73 employees of virus producer AS Green and Co, based in the village of Mathon near Worcester, have confirmed 73 positive cases of the virus.

A joint statement by Public Health England (PHE) Midlands and Herefordshire Council said employees were asked to stay on the farm during isolation.

During the harvest season, the workforce lives in mobile homes on the farm, so as a precaution, officials say the entire group is treated as an “extended bladder”.

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<figcaption>Covid 19 growth rates (PA Graphics)</figcaption></figure>
<p>The council said it would arrange food and basic supplies for the area's residents while isolating themselves.</p>
<p>Health Minister Matt Hancock said that more than 100 "local measures" were taken across the country each week to curb coronavirus outbreaks.</p>
<p>He told the Daily Telegraph that "some of it will bring the news, but many more will be dealt with quickly and tacitly."</p>
<p>Mr. Hancock is expected to review the Leicester closure later this week.</p>
<p>In the meantime, the debate over the face covering mandate in shops continued, and Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove said they should not be made mandatory.</p>
<p>He said while reviewing mouth and nose coverage policies in public places, he thought it best to trust the public's "common sense".</p>
<p>But on Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted that they could become mandatory in stores and said he wanted "more strictly" to insist that people wear them.</p>
<p>In an interview with BBC One & # 39; s The Andrew Marr Show, Mr. Gove said, "I think it's basically good manners, courtesy, and consideration to wear a face mask when you're in a store, for example.</p>
<p>"I trust people's common sense. Now, of course, the government is always reviewing the emerging evidence of how best to control the disease.</p>
<p>“When necessary and when tough measures are required and, as we saw in Leicester, obviously a completely different situation, hard measures are taken. But on the whole, it's always best to trust people's common sense. "</p>
<p>He also urged people to return to work instead of staying at home to ensure that the "economic engines of this country are brought back on track".</p>
<p>Mr Gove's counterpart, Rachel Reeves, said that compulsory facial wear in stores was a "sensible way forward."</p>
<p>The shadow cabinet minister said to Marr, "I think people are wearing them more and more, but I think greater clarity on the part of the government would be helpful."</p>
<p>In other developments:</p>
<p>– A bipartisan group of MPs has announced that it will launch an immediate investigation into the government's response to the corona virus. The final recommendations should be published by the end of summer.</p>
<p>– New research funded by the British Heart Foundation found that more than half of the heart scans in hospitalized Covid 19 patients are abnormal, suggesting that the virus could have devastating effects on this vital organ.</p>
<p>– In Scotland, hospitals are open to visitors again, children are allowed to practice outdoor contact and shopping centers will welcome customers again on Monday.</p>
<p>– First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she won't shy away from making a decision to quarantine English visitors to Scotland, but it won't be a decision that she makes lightly.</p>
<p>The Department of Health and Social Affairs said that 44,819 people in hospitals, nursing homes and the wider community died after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK on Friday after 5 p.m. – an increase of 21 compared to 44,798 the previous day.</p>
<p>Government figures do not include all Covid-19 deaths across the UK that are believed to have exceeded 55,000.</p>
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