BBC to reduce pool of presenters and make more job cuts in news

The BBC has announced plans to reduce its pool of lectures and cut more jobs in its news department.

The station, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022, will cut around 520 jobs, another 70 as previously announced, in order to "modernize its newsroom".

The Andrew Neil Show will be removed from the schedule as part of the cutbacks.

The BBC said the change "fixes the deteriorating financial condition of the BBC and builds on its operating experience" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fran Unsworth, director of BBC News and Current Affairs, said: “During this crisis, viewers have turned to BBC News a million times and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team.

Director of BBC News and Current Affairs Fran Unsworth
BBC News and Current Affairs Director Fran Unsworth (Jeff Overs)

"But if we don't make changes, we won't be sustainable." This crisis has prompted us to rethink how we work as an organization. "

It plans "fewer stories, more targeted and effective" and at the same time "every day".

"In order for BBC News to thrive and continue to serve our entire audience, we have to change," added Ms. Unsworth.

The announcement came when The Guardian said it was planning to cut editorial and commercial positions as the pandemic created an "unsustainable financial outlook".

The newspaper group Reach, owner of the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express and the Daily Star, is cutting 550 jobs, according to Press Gazette.

Andrew Neil's show will not return
Andrew Neil's Show Will Not Return (Jonathan Brady / PA)

BBC plans to have fewer reporters overall, while more correspondents are increasingly being asked to work across a range of content.

It will invest in new community affairs across the country while reducing the number in London.

The BBC added that "digital is at the heart of our journalism".

Politics Live, which is currently only broadcast on Wednesdays, will return four days a week. This month, more than 100 MPs and colleagues called on the BBC to protect the program from the ax.

The BBC Parliament will "focus on live and as-live coverage of elected chambers across the UK and produce daily and weekly highlights programs".

The BBC said it would "no longer commission most of the other bespoke programs that we are currently running for the BBC Parliament, although we will continue to use our archive to broadcast our popular historical election reporting."

The Victoria Derbyshire program has been discontinued
The Victoria Derbyshire program has been discontinued (Yui Mok / PA)

Changes in business coverage include the reduction of separate annual reports in the news channel and in BBC World Service English and the closure of In Business at BBC Radio 4.

In all the news, the broadcaster said it would use fewer studios and "reduce our pool of moderators."

The BBC said it was in talks with Neil about a new series of interviews on BBC One.

The company plans to save £ 80m in savings, citing the final royalties settlement.

The BBC is preparing to end the universal free TV license for over-75s in August.

The entitlement is tested for neediness, with the broadcaster saying that continuing the entitlement is unaffordable for everyone and would hit “programs and services”.

Union leader Bectu Philippa Childs said: “The BBC is facing an unprecedented funding crisis that the government urgently needs to address.

"During the pandemic, it responded and provided unprecedented reporting on events …

“BBC News is one of the most trusted brands at home and abroad. In an era of bogus news and an unprecedented health crisis, this trust in a public broadcaster is vital.

"The government must regain responsibility for free royalties for those over the age of 75 and provide valuable resources that would enable BBC News to continue delivering its leading global news program."

She added that employees who "helped make the BBC the most trusted and widely used news source in the UK … are now facing job loss".

Newsnight, 5 Live and Today have already been announced to be affected as part of cost reduction plans and efforts to reach the youth.

Plans to cut Victoria Derbyshire's BBC Two program have already been leaked. The presenter said she was "absolutely devastated".

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