Bamboozled: Gavin Andresen Says He Could Have Been Fooled by Craig Wright, BSV Supporters Speak Out

A series of lawsuits against Kleiman against Wright were released this week and are now open to the public. A specific deposit with Bitcoin Core's former lead advisor, Gavin Andresen, raises doubts about the claim that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. In addition, Bitcoinsv supporter Daniel Krawisz spoke about Wright and mentioned that there are "plagiarisms" in several of Craig Wright's works.

Craig Steven Wright has publicly claimed for well over five years that he invented Bitcoin and was Satoshi Nakamoto. This claim brought Wright to court because the family of the late Dave Kleiman believes that Wright's multi-year relationship with Dave means that they both founded Bitcoin. The supposed story was unmasked so much so that the larger crypto community doesn't believe in any of Wright's stories.

A number of statements were released this week, and an interesting one comes from former Bitcoin core lead maintainer Gavin Andresen. In May 2016, Andresen came out abruptly and told the public that he believed Wright was Satoshi. Not too long afterwards, however, he explained that he might have been confused. The same day that Andresen said he believed Wright was Satoshi, Bitcoin core developers removed Andresen's github commit permissions on the Bitcoin code base. No one has really discussed the matter publicly with Andresen, at least not publicly.

Bamboozled: Gavin Andresen says he could have been deceived by Craig Wright, BSV supporters
Australian Craig Steven Wright has claimed to have been Satoshi Nakamoto for five years, but has yet to prove it to the larger cryptocurrency community.

When asked about this particular point in time, Andresen said he could have been fooled. "There are places in the private trial property where I could be fooled, where someone could have exchanged the software used, or maybe the laptop that was supplied was not a brand new laptop and it was tampered with in some way. I also had jet lag, ”said Andresen in the drop-off.

He added:

I wasn't in the headroom of it will prove to the world that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. I was in the headspace of, you know, this will definitely prove to me that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. And my doubts arise because the evidence that was presented to me is very different from the pseudo-evidence that was later presented to the world.

The entire deposit is very long and various meetings are discussed. Overall, when asked about Wright's Satoshi story, Andresen said he had "doubts." "I have many, many doubts in my mind about which parts of what Craig told me are true and which are not," continued Andresen. The Andresen deposit could change the mind of many hardcore fans. Despite the fact that a good number of BSV Supporters love Wright and follow his every move. There are a number of people who have denounced him and want to focus on justice BSV.

One person who has spoken about Craig Wright recently is the well-known Bitcoin lawyer Daniel Krawisz. Krawisz supports Bitcoinsv (BSV) and in the past he preferred Craig Wright. More recently, however, Krawisz has been speak against Wright and its history. On June 28th Krawisz tweeted:

Plagiarism exists in several works by Craig Wright. It is easy to see if you are looking. Example. It would be a lot better if people stopped treating him like a hero and made Bitcoin successful alone.

There were many replies to Krawisz’s tweets about Craig Wright and even a reply tweet from billionaire gambling mogul Calvin Ayre. Many people thanked Krawisz for their honesty, even though they said they didn't like them BSV. Others explained that the only reason why BSV exists because of Craig Wright. "BSV exists because of Craig Wright, even the claim on his behalf. You were bamboozled, ”said one person wrote according to Krawisz.

What do you think of Gavin Andresen's dismissal and Daniel Krawisz's recent change of opinion? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below.

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