Bakers Quay adapts plans after coronavirus changes

New images have been published for the planned next phase of the development of Bakers Quay in Gloucester.

developer Rokeby dealer has published the images for the proposed residential area that would fill the location of the recently demolished concrete silo within the site's downings element between the site's Provender section and the Gloucester Quays.

And director Adrian Goodall said the plans have been adjusted to accommodate a changing business environment.

He said: "Downings benefits from an existing permit to build 42 apartments and 18,000 square feet of A3 restaurant accommodation.

"Market conditions have changed and we are responding by introducing more housing and reducing restaurant content.

"We strive to preserve the legacy of Bakers Quay as much as possible and to ensure that every new building is of high quality design.

He continued: "We believe that we achieved this in the first phase on Bakers Quay and are firmly convinced that the new building in Downings has a wow factor."

The new block will offer another 30 new apartments with modern and historic accommodations.

Mr. Goodall said the design had been affected by the corona virus crisis and the changes it would likely lead to in our way of life and promised that the development would offer "affordable luxury".

Features include workspaces with dedicated power and broadband in every home, secure underground parking, and charging for electric vehicles.

A planning application for the new block should be submitted to Rokeby Merchant later this summer, in hopes of starting locally in early 2021.

The first phase of Bakers Quay, which included the 104-bed Premier Inn Hotel, a Costa Coffee Outlet, the Beefeater Restaurant and 47 apartments in the Provender building, was completed in summer 2018.

Spago Creperie and F45 Gym opened in the two business units in Provender earlier this year.

Find out more about the development of the Bakers Quay at or contact 01833 621116.

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