Asics launches high-tech face mask for runners

The sports brand Asics, known for its running shoes, has introduced a new mask especially for runners. The face mask of the Asics Runner was developed by the Asics Institute of Sports Science and is designed to make running more comfortable when you need to keep your face covered during exercise.

Although not required by law everywhere, many areas (especially in the U.S.) have required you to wear facewear when you're outside, even as you work to curb the spread of moisture droplets through heavy breathing.

Unlike a simple fabric mask, the shape of the runner's face cover offers plenty of space inside, and the ventilation under the chin allows a certain amount of airflow without droplets escaping.

An adjustable cord ensures that it fits snugly, especially under the eyes. This should help keep your glasses or sunglasses from fogging up. Especially for sportswear, it is washable and quick-drying, so you can keep it clean and ready for reuse between training sessions.

Asics Runner & # 39; s face shield

(Photo credit: Asics)

The Asics Runner & # 39; s Face Cover will be available worldwide from September for GBP 35 (approx. USD 45 / AU $ 65). You can Sign up now to register your interest and get notified when it goes on sale.

How to wear it

TechRadar tried the Runner & # 39; s Face Cover on a 5km run and found that while they definitely get hot, the shape means that no fabric presses directly against your mouth, making breathing easier.

We found it much more comfortable to use a neck buffalo than in British summer (something we would normally only wear in the depths of winter).

It can be a bit difficult to put the mask on and off quickly if you need a sip of water due to the adjustable toggle on the back, but the rubber band that sits over and under your ears will keep the mask in place when you move.

If you need to cover your face outdoors but want to continue your workout, it's definitely worth considering.

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