Archbishop of Canterbury wants ‘mother and father of all parties’ after crisis

The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged people to abide by the rules of social distancing so that at the end of the coronavirus crisis they can "have all parties".

The most venerable Justin Welby, the oldest bishop in the Church of England, also told anyone who violates the rules of social distance to "pull himself together."

He added that the crisis had led to an increase in the number of visitors to online services that had "ten times" as many registered as those who had personally appeared in the church.

In an interview with ITV News at ten, he said: "If you don't stick to it, you risk other people's lives, not just your own.

"You risk the collapse of the healthcare system. Do it! Follow the rules!

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<figcaption>Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, during a virtual Sunday service for worshipers who stay at home for coronavirus. (Lambeth Palace / PA)</figcaption></figure>
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<p>"The sooner we do that, the sooner we can end this time of deep darkness and we can have the mother and father of all parties at the end to celebrate that we made it and got through as a nation. united as one people – I'm looking forward to that. "</p>
<p>He described the Church of England's decision to close its doors to traditional worship this month as "a really, really difficult day," but added, "We probably have ten times as many people online as we physically came to church were. ”</p>
<p>The archbishop believed that this reflected the nation's need to "seek some comfort and hope in these difficult times," and he tried to reassure people that God is still "with us" in our darkest moments.</p>
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<figcaption>A parishioner watches a service using a laptop at Liverpool Parish Church (Our Lady and St. Nicholas) (Peter Byrne / PA).</figcaption></figure>
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<p>There was also a few words of support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deal with the crisis, including his Monday broadcast that announced tough government measures to move people during the pandemic.</p>
<p>The archbishop said to the program: “I think he took up the challenge. Nobody is perfect, but he does a really, really good job and he cares about the future of this country. Everyone will make mistakes in these circumstances.</p>
<p>"We have to be a forgiving country and understand that there are often no easy, right answers. In fact, there are never easy, right answers in this case."</p>
<p>He also suggested that the deadly virus relativized the divisions in society caused by Brexit and told the program: "The way we love and care for each other is far greater than our divisions."</p>
<p>He added: "I think this puts the entire Brexit controversy into perspective when we are with people whose lives are at risk every day and people come together in the most beautiful and wonderful way to support each other."</p>
<p>Hoping that people would continue to call neighbors, leave food at their doorstep, maintain social distance for the vulnerable, and send money to food banks, the archbishop added, "Let's go ahead and leave our differences behind."</p>
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