Aqara Launches 2-Day Summer Offerings on Amazon

NEW YORK, July 30, 2020 / PRNewswire / – From July 30th to 31st, Aqara offers deals for their
Smart home products to help consumers live better lives.
Aqara smart home products include a wide range of sensors that
can trigger alarms and alarm notifications for a variety of problems,
be it unexpected entry or movement, temperature changes or water
Leaks. The smart home detection products that are part of the
Offer includes the motion sensor, water leak sensor, door and
Window sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, vibration sensor,
Smart starter kit and wireless mini switch + smart plug.

Aqara products in summer offer

The Aqara Smart Starter Kit: Enables push notifications.
local security alarm functions, remote monitoring and control and
customizable automation and scene
Creations. Accessories are tied
automatically. There is no need to add anything to use.

Automation and Scenes got employed
in advance. Users can easily identify connected Scenes and enjoy the quality of life with

The Aqara temperature and humidity sensor: If space
Temperature reaches above or below a certain threshold, the Aqara
The temperature and humidity sensor can send a push alarm to the user
Make calls or trigger the Aqara Hub night light.

The Aqara door and window sensor: Whenever a door or
The window opens unexpectedly, the Aqara door and window sensor opens
Send a notification to the user's phone and activate the
local alarm at Aqara Hub.

The Aqara motion sensor: Whenever there is unexpected movement
detected, the Aqara motion sensor sends a warning to the user
Call and activate the local alarm tone on the Aqara Hub. The
The Aqara motion sensor can be set to trigger the Aqara hub alarm or
other connected devices such as the Aqara Smart Plug when moving
be recognized.

The Aqara water leak sensor: Whenever the Aqara water
The leak sensor detects water and can send a warning to the user's phone
and activate the local alarm on the Aqara Hub to prevent leaks

The Aqara Smart Plug: The Aqara Smart Plug enables users
for remote control of lights, fans and other normal devices
from their smartphones.

The Aqara vibration sensor: Whenever the Aqara vibration
The sensor detects unexpected vibrations and sends warnings to the
User’s phone or activate the local alarm on the Aqara Hub.

The Aqara wireless and mini switch: A wireless versatile
Remote control to control the smart home devices with three controls
The settings. Users set up single, double and long printing
Control programmable functions such as turning a device on and off
or activate a scene.

With the summer offer, users get a 30% discount on these products
Amazon. Use the code AQARASDS when visiting the website:

For more information on use cases, see Aqara's website and social media

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