Apple given huge fine for deliberately slowing down old iPhones

Apple has been fined $ 25 million for deliberately slowing down older iPhones to encourage iPhone users to upgrade to new phones.

The French competition and fraud guard imposed the fine DGCCRF, They said that buyers were not told that their phones were being intentionally slowed down.

And as iPhone users, we know only too well how much slower iPhones will be if you are forced to do the dreaded update.

Apple confirmed that some models became slower with age. However, it shouldn't encourage people to upgrade. Yup. For sure.

Apple informed the watchdog that the updates were made to extend the battery life of older iPhones like 6, 6s, and iPhone SE.

They argued that the iPhone could shutdown unexpectedly to protect its electronic components if they didn't.

However, Apple still agreed to pay the AED 100 million fine for the slowdown of iPhones.

The more you read, the more attractive Android phones become compared to Apple. By the way, we are open to all inspection devices!

In the meantime, the news has no impact on the stock's value. They were the first $ 1 trillion company. That is more than Mexico, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Switzerland.

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