Amazon’s new patent could see films, e-books and TV made into smart home experiences

According to a new patent, Amazon is working on making films, TV and eBooks even more intensive.

The new patent Amazon is working on the following solutions: "Solutions for synchronizing devices in a specific area to provide environmental stimuli that match the content consumed by a user."

That sounds a bit dry, but the actual end goal is interesting. The company is working on ways you can get your smart TV or eBook to work with other smart home devices and create an immersive environment.

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The patent explains: “For example, if a user uses an e-book reader to read about a character traveling through a frozen arctic wasteland, the metadata associated with this section of the story may include instructions to lower the room temperature and activate it Lights for a faint blue light. "

Another example suggests that your devices could work together to order you a pizza that arrives just when someone in the movie you're watching is eating a pizza.

I am sure that you are already imagining some pretty amusing applications for this type of device synchronization. Maybe you're watching a horror movie in which a pizza delivery boy kills his pizza-hungry customers … then the doorbell rings.

The question is whether these tools offer a number of gadgets or really provide more entertainment.

The idea that your devices turn down the heater every time you read or watch something in the winter isn't immediately appealing, but the patent suggests that there would be permission settings for this type of interaction.

The patent also suggests that writers could write directing-style prompts for their lights and other smart home technologies.

The simplest and most obvious device pairing is the use of mood lighting mentioned above with products like Philips Hue. Imagine starting Doom: Eternal for the first time to see the entire room bathed in red light, or relaxing with your favorite eBook and dimming the light without lifting a finger.

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As more and more devices get smart home integration, the possibilities for this immersive, experience-building technology seem to be quite diverse. However, at the moment this is only a patent and we cannot guarantee that this will ever be offered to customers.

We think it will likely. It definitely fits the growing trends around smart home technology, AI and assistant technology. In this area you will find further updates.

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