72% of UK workers’ skillsets impacted by remote working due to coronavirus

More than seven out of ten (72%) of UK workers say that remote work during the Corona virus has had a significant impact on how they use their skills.

The survey by Onecom investigated the virus impact on business by interviewing 1,000 UK small and medium-sized businesses who have worked from home since the lock was announced.

It was found that between 47% and 72% of employees believe that the way they use their communication (72%), human resources (54%), problem-solving (52%) and negotiating skills ( 47%) use has changed since the use of technology to work from home.

The survey also suggests that this is likely related to how workers use the technology to communicate. 22% say the lack of face to face time is a significant challenge for their company. Email (32%) and text messaging via systems like Slack (23%) also grew faster than any other communication medium.

Although a significant minority found this more difficult, most teams were positively influenced by the use of remote technology.

The majority of employees in the study stated that they had been able to use their problem-solving skills (73%), negotiation (66%), personnel management (60%) and communication (58%) more often or at the same level since work from home.

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There are also a larger number of workers who believe that their problem-solving (30%) and negotiation (24%) skills have improved overall compared to the number who believe that these skills have deteriorated.

Even so, some companies still struggle to use technology to improve the skills of their employees. Almost 31% of respondents have noticed frequent communication errors since switching to homework. A significant minority of workers also believe that their communication (37%) and human resources (29%) skills have decreased.

Helen Myers, Operations Director of Onecom, said: “With many SMEs and employees increasingly relying on email during the lockout, it is important that companies act to maintain and ensure the element of teamwork face to face Individuals' skills are used as effectively as possible.

“Establishing the right technology and communication processes is critical for this company. In our experience, most problems related to home work are due to the fact that the tools for team collaboration and video conferencing are not being used sufficiently.

"They say that 93% of human communication is non-verbal, so it is vital that colleagues can connect with one another in the most human way possible."

56% of the study’s workers also said that the way their work team worked had changed forever because of the corona virus and the move to work from home.

This suggests that many workers may now expect to work from home more often, even if the restriction restrictions have been completely lifted.

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