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5 hot tips for the right check-in
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25.03.2020 | Julia Buchta

You only have one chance to make a first impression – that's why check-ins are so important. This is the time when guests interact with their host for the first time and learn about the accommodation and location.
After a Study conducted by hostile25.8% of respondents see check-ins and / or check-outs as something that can improve or improve their experience. So if you want to boost your business, you definitely need to pay special attention to this part of the hosting process.

So what are the most important aspects to consider if you want your guests to feel comfortable right from the start?

Hot tip # 1: five-star communication

Hot tip # 1: five-star communication

It all starts before your guests arrive at your accommodation. Of course, many different things have to be done to ensure that everything is ready by the time your guests arrive.

Communication is the key. You should make sure you are available if your guests have any questions. It is therefore very important that you reply to your messages within one day at the latest. If you don't come back to it, it will definitely be more difficult to build trust, and this will have a negative impact on the booking and your recommendations. You don't want your guests to feel unsafe or uncomfortable before they even arrive. This can lead to booking cancellations. So be extra careful.

Hot tip # 2: information

Hot tip # 2: information

Make sure your guests receive all the necessary information before they arrive. Ideally, all of this information should already be available on your website or on the booking platform. If not, make sure you put them there and update them regularly. This includes information on how to get to your accommodation using public transport or whether there is a parking space nearby. The next step should include providing information about how to access the property. Hand over the keys personally, will another person do it, or is there even an option to check in yourself? Depending on what you offer, there is another point that will help your guests access the property easily and conveniently to improve your ratings.

Hot tip # 3: preparation

Hot tip # 3: preparation

This point may seem obvious, but cannot be stressed enough. Of course you have to make sure that the accommodation is prepared for the guests before they arrive. Guests expect the property to be in pristine condition. So rent a cleaning service between guests and even check the accommodation yourself regularly.
Another tip is to create the invoice and the documents that your guests must legally fill out in advance. You can hand them over to them or leave them your property. Make sure that the paperwork is not too time-consuming, for example by entering all the details you already know so that your guests do not have to spend a lot of time on them.

Hot tip # 4: check in yourself

Hot tip # 4: check in yourself

Using an automated self-check-in system – especially with smart locks – gives you more flexibility and convenience as a host and allows you to do more check-ins in less time because you don't have to be personal in every single accommodation Hand over the key.
This also gives you the flexibility to decide whether to greet your guest personally or to hand over the keys digitally if another key handover is planned, you are ill, need to take your children to school, or your guests' flight has been delayed.

Using a Nuki Smart Lock for self-check-in and while guests are staying means:

  • No time-consuming key handovers
  • No external partners need to be hired to hand over the keys
  • No challenges due to unexpected changes in your guests' arrival time
  • Key duplicates are not required for cleaning staff and service partners
  • No more lost keys, which often require expensive replacement of the entire cylinder

It is never easy to meet a guest's expectations. (…) An important area is the check-in into an accommodation. In Japan and South Korea, for example, the introduction of smart locks accounts for around 60% of the market, so a guest from these countries will very likely expect to have a smart lock as standard in a rental when they arrive.
Michael Driedger, managing director of Operto

Hot tip # 5: be a limited edition

Hot tip # 5: be a limited edition

Always meet guests' needs and find out what type of trip they are on. It can be important to know whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, how many people are coming and whether you want to go sightseeing or are looking for fun activities.
Help, not sell: Share information about the region, special events or restaurant recommendations.
Be different: offer a smart property. For example, when the guest unlocks the property using the smart lock, the lights come on automatically.

Anticipate needs and problems: Is your property in a rainy area? Okay – then offer them umbrellas and rubber boots in different sizes!
Be distracting: work with local restaurants where they can get a small discount or where they can have breakfast.
Think about the little things in life …: Surprise your guests with something that your region is famous for or put fresh flowers on the table.

It is always difficult to meet guests' expectations, but checking in properly is certainly a good way to build a long and happy relationship between host and guest.

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Julia Buchta

Why complicate when it can be simple? Definitely my motto! So why not make your life easier with a few smart home gadgets? Especially when everyday life is hectic and busy anyway.

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